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Volum 20 (XXXVII), nr 1

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Volum 7 (XXIV), nr 1
Volum 7 (XXIV), nr 2

Anul 2009
Volum 6 (XXIII)

Scientific Bulletin, vol. 11 (XXVIII), no. 1, 2014

Comparative Study by FEM of the Stress and Strain in the Worm Gear Reverse Tapered Pinion for Different Materials
Ligia Cristina Brezeanu, Bogdan Bucur, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
The Achievement of Market Study on a Representative Sample of Companies in Romania About S.D. and C.S.R. Communication
Mihaela Bucur, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Study of Generation of the Double Worm-Face Wheel Teeth's Flanks with Tangential Advance Method
Margareta Ciotea, Dimitrie Cantemir University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Vasile Boloș, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Study of the Influence of Ceramic Thermal Coating on the Aircraft Blade Vibration
Daniel Dragomir-Stanciu, Ionuţ Vasile Crismaru, Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" of Iași
Modelling and Simulation of the Behaviour of the Hydraulic Turbine
Mircea Dulău, Dorin Bică,"Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Coordinated Control of PSS and TCSC for Improving Transient Stability in Power System with Coherent Generation
Hamid Reza Heidari, Shahrokh Shojaeian, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
Wavelet Packet Transform Based ECG Signal Filtering Implemented in Reconfigurable Hardware Structure
Zoltán Germán-Salló, Cristina Lutean,"Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Hand Gestures Mouse Cursor Control
Marian-Avram Vincze, Horaţiu-Ştefan Grif, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Geometrical Inequalities in Acute Triangle Involving the Medians V
Béla Finta, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
T-Wave Detection Using the Empirical Mode Decomposition
Ferenc Emil Mozes, János Szalai, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Organization and Constraints of a Recommender System for MOOCS
Dumitru Rădoiu, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Enabling Software Defined Networking Experiments in Networked Critical Infrastructures
Béla Genge, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș
Zoltán Gál, University of Debrecen, Hungary
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